SPA is a special interest group of Paramedics Australasia

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Student Paramedics Australasia (SPA) is a special interest group of Paramedics Australasia (PA), a professional society for paramedics engaged in the delivery of out of hospital emergency medical services or EMS.


PA provides a platform for the representation of EMS practitioners and the development and promotion of policies designed to enhance the quality of out of hospital emergency patient care. Part of this commitment looks at the education and professional development of students engaged in university study programs.

SPA was created to help shape and direct PA services to student paramedics. SPA has grown rapidly as the primary organisation for paramedic students enrolled in a university paramedic degree.


Since its inception in 2007, SPA has achieved significant milestones through the delivery of student mediated activities that work as a catalyst for peer learning and development. With university representation at 9 universities across the country, the number of student members has grown to over twelve hundred students across Oceania committed to professional practice ideals.

PA and SPA work together to represent the interests of members. Some of the activites being undertaken include:

  • Providing up to date insight into out of hospital care, interprofessional practice and associated issues;

  • Enhancing the professional standards of education, training, and continuing professional development;

  • Providing opportunities for communication and interaction between students, PA members, and other stakeholders;

  • Promoting the national registration for all paramedics who have a nationally recognised qualification and expertise in the provision of EMS;

  • Providing opportunities for professional skills and education development beyond the university environment;

  • Providing opportunities for students to engage in issues affecting the profession;

  • Representing paramedic students on issues affecting their education, including equity and provision of clinical placements, rural health initiatives, study scholarships and more.