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Carolyn (Penny) Pearson


My name is Penny, and I have recently completed my Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Paramedicine at Australian Catholic University in Canberra, ACT. This year I look forward to completing my graduate year whilst serving as the convenor of SPA. This will be my second year on the SPA committee, following 3 years on my local student paramedic committee. In this role, I will work closely with Co-Chairs Lewis and Dasha and Secretary Renee to achieve their aspirations for 2019. I have had an amazing student experience filled with outstanding opportunities and I love creating similar opportunities for students to prepare them for their future paramedic careers. I am passionate about expanding the roles of paramedics in our community and continuing research. In my spare time, I like to play with my dog or practice aerial sports.


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Daria (Dasha) Budarina

Co-Chair - Programs

My name is Dasha Budarina, originally born in Russia, raised in Argentina before moving to Australia 6 years ago. I have recently graduated from a Bachelor of Paramedic Science from Flinders University, SA. I am commencing my Paramedic Internship with SA Ambulance Service Feb 2019. This is my second year on the SPA committee and I am looking forward to incorporating everything I learnt in the previous year. 

This year I will be responsible for organising SPAIC as well as a few other events with the help of my amazing team. I look forward to organising an amazing conference and ensure the success of our endeavours. In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym, exploring new places or just catching up with family or friends. 


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Twitter - @budarinadasha


Lewis Jones

Co-Chair - State Support

My name's Lewis Jones, I'm 26 years old, I enjoy long walks on the beach, cuddles, music, Brooklyn 99 oh and paramedicine. I'm currently studying at Western Sydney University going into my final year of study and second year on the SPA executive committee. My previous tenures on the SPA & WSSPA committee have been quite challenging and fun, during said tenures I've run several social events, multiple CPD nights and hosted a couple of CPD's/Conferences. In what little spare time I have you'll find me singing to almost every song known to man, walking my beautiful Aussie shepherds Pepper and Jamie. I've previously studied certificate 3 & 4 in fitness and currently work in aviation. I'm incredibly excited to have stepped up into a leadership role on the SPA team, I've got an incredible team who I'm excited for you all to meet. We're looking forward to bringing many events, bits of knowledge and smiles to many people this year.


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Twitter - @jonezy911

Renee Guesnon


My name is Renee Guesnon. In 2019, I will be completing my final year of study at Australian Catholic University in Canberra. When I am not busy listening to Paramedicine podcasts, my time is spent traveling, camping, staying fit and juggling multiple casual jobs. I grew up in remote Australia, where I spent my earlier years in Kununurra, WA and then finished my later schooling in Darwin, NT. I am very excited to hold the position of secretary for the 2019 committee and look forward to the challenge of making it the most memorable year yet.


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Michael Adler

Online Editor (Web & Social Media)

G’day! My name is Michael Adler and I am a recent Graduate from the Bachelor of Paramedic Science at Flinders University in South Australia. This will be my second year on the SPA Committee in which yet again I am thrilled to be appointed the position of Online Editor (Web & Social Media) for 2019. Having run PR within my state society FUSPA through my studies and taking on the SPA PR last year, I aim to take what I have learnt and expand on SPA’s online presence within our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online platforms. Specifically, I am interested in involving local societies in which they can use SPA to be at the forefront of promotional material of CPD events and activities in their local area. In my spare time, I volunteer with SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) in rural SA, enjoy playing any type of sport and spending time with my friends and family. Don’t hesitate to contact me regarding anything social media; I am just a click away!


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Twitter - @Michael_Adlerr

Daniel Phillips


A graduate of Charles Sturt University’s Bachelor of Clinical Practice (Paramedic) degree in 2018 and the incumbent SPA Publications Officer, I’m excited to be returning to the role for 2019. I have a keen interest in regional and remote pre-hospital care, as well as promoting paramedic students in research. I am the co-founder of the annual student-led ‘Dare to Know’ conference in Bathurst, of which I returned as a co-organiser and master of ceremonies for the event in 2018. In my first year in the role of Publications for SPA, I was proud to work with an exceptional committee to bring regular updates on the work of students throughout the year. Some of our most notable published events included SPAIC 2018, CPD by the Sea, and Gold Coast Trauma. My favourite thing about working in the Executive Committee was having the opportunity to meet with paramedic students from all over Australia and New Zealand, as well as the privilege of reading the work students submitted for publication. I am excited to continue in this role for another year with another quality committee. 


I am always looking for new material to publish, so if there are any paramedic students who want to show off their work, don’t be afraid to contact your state’s SPA Coordinator or myself!


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Twitter - @Dan_Phillips95

Christie Ryan

Australasian Coordinator (VIC)

Hi, my name is Christie Ryan and I am a recent graduate of the BHSc Paramedicine degree at Victoria University. I’ve previously served as both president of VUSPA and been an appointed representative on the Paramedics Australasia Vic committee. My favourite events are the yearly conferences and I look forward to attending my fourth SPAIC and third PAIC in 2019. In my rare spare time, I love to cuddle my animals, spend time with my friends and read every book I can get my hands on. I’m very excited to be reprising the role of Victorian Coordinator for a second year, liaising with the Victorian society presidents to further support the clinical, education and networking of our future paramedics.


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Twitter - @malicemadden

Stafford Wulff

Australasian Coordinator (SA)

My name is Stafford Wulff. I am based in Adelaide and studying at Paramedic Science at Flinders Uni for the fifth, and hopefully, final year. I have been on the FUSPA committee for four years, including President, last year. This year, I have the honour of being the SPA SA coordinator. Outside of PA life and Uni, I work on road for SAAS as an Ambulance Officer, teach Wilderness First Aid and get to play at being an overseas guide for leadership programs. 


I love travel, seeing and exploring new places and meeting new people wherever or whoever they are. At home, cycling and being outdoors are my everyday passions. I have more pushbikes than my wife is happy with, but feel are totally necessary. 


Being part of SPA for the first time in 2019 allows me to continue my commitment to my fellow students to enhance the learning and understanding of their future career as a paramedic while making it fun and engaging. 


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Twitter - @stafford_wulff

Nateisha Allison

Australasian Coordinator (NSW)

Hey guys, my name is Nateisha and I am 22 years old. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine) at Western Sydney University, where I am going into my final year of study. This is my first year on the SPA committee and I look forward to taking on the role of New South Wales Coordinator, where I hope to bring the NSW universities closer together.  My personal goal for this year is to organise my first CPD event where I hope that students from different universities will attend. In my limited spare time you can usually find me soaking up the sun at the beach or play fetch with my beautiful fur baby Sasha. I am excited for my first year on the SPA committee and cannot wait to work with the great team.


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Brittany Shaw

Australasian Coordinator (QLD)

Hey guys I’m Britt, I’m 24yrs old and currently study my Bachelor of Paramedic Science through CQU’s Distance program. Unlike the other 75% of my classmates this isn’t due to living remotely, it is because I enjoy naps too much to go to one of the other 5 universities within driving distance of my house. This will be my second year as the QLD Rep and I am excited to keep pushing the boundaries with what QLD can accomplish. Some of you may remember me from moments such as my dog appearing twice on Paramedics Patting Dogs and the student traumatising FernoSim Challenge of 2018. My personal goals for this year is to achieve 10 things I previously thought I would never do, and hopefully this can translate into some of the massive CPD events QLD will be hosting. When I’m not coordinating the best state you can find me patting dogs, napping and procrastinating my uni assignments.


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Twitter - @brittshaw94

Joshua Johnson

Australasian Coordinator (WA)

Hi, my name is Joshua Johnson and I am returning for the second year as Western Australian Coordinator with Student Paramedics Australasia. This year, I am beginning my third year of study in Paramedical Science at Edith Cowan University. I look forward to providing support and further development opportunities for our future paramedics, as well as sharing what I’ve learned over the course of my time at university and with SPA. I have been a volunteer country ambulance officer since mid-2016 and have a strong passion for community engagement, a value I am eager to continue to employ in my role with SPA. 2018 proved to be a great year that was topped off with a fantastic conference hosted by the SPA committee and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store.


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Rachel Lewandowsky

Australasian Coordinator (TAS)

My name is Rachel Lewandowsky and I am in my second year of a Bachelor of Paramedic Practice at UTas (Hobart campus). Before this I completed an honours degree in science, majoring in zoology, and I love that paramedicine is a chance to build on my knowledge of biology and apply it practically! As the Tasmanian state representative for SPA, I look forward to supporting the professional development of my fellow students and building connections between first and second year students in Tasmania, and with students in other states. This is an exciting time to be studying paramedicine, as the sector professionalises, and paramedics become recognised as clinicians with the opportunity for career-long learning and professional development.


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Nicola (Nikki) Rees

Australasian Coordinator (NZ)

My name is Nikki Rees and I'm 31 (!!) years old.I'm originally from New Zealand, though I spent all of my 20s living in QLD. I used that time of my life to travel and explore different continents, and tested a few / many different career pathways, though none immensely resonating with me. I've now finally after what seems like forever, come to find my feet in paramedicine. 

I'm now in my third year of the bachelor of health science majoring in paramedicine - all the way back home across the ditch, in Auckland New Zealand. I currently work in clinical research, and volunteer for St John Ambulance service. 

I'm still recovering from being a part of (an amazing yet traumatising) Fernosim at SPAIC 2018, and I'm hoping this year will bring even bigger and better knowledge, experience and learnings for New Zealand (and Australian) students. 

Studying paramedicine opens so many doors, and I think exciting times are ahead. 


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Esther Sands

Conference Committee

My name is Esther Sands and I have recently completed my Bachelor of Paramedicine at ACU Brisbane.  Last year I attended my very first SPA conference and benefited from various learning opportunities and made many network connections. I have a strong passion to help those around me grow in their own skills and professional development. This will be my first year on the SPA committee and I will be undertaking the role of ‘Conference Committee.’ I am one to often substitute coffee for sleep, always up for the challenge and will never back down on an opportunity. I am thrilled to be apart of the SPA team 2019 and help organise what I hope to be a positive experience for all those attending!


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Sophie Ducker

Conference Committee

Hey mate! I’m Sophie, a recent graduate from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand.  This is my second year with the SPA team and my first year on the conference committee.  I’m looking forward to working alongside the other conference committee members to bring you all some awesome SPA events and, of course, celebrating appropriately at the social events.  In my role as State rep in 2018 I had the chance to visit both societies in NZ, get involved with their events, and support both committees.  However, with an impeding move to the land where every small insect is trying to kill you I have chosen a role that will allow me the chance to see more of this questionably OK country and help bring students together to do what we do best – learn stuff and celebrate learning stuff.  I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for our committee – bring on SPAIC19!!


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Twitter - @Sophie_Ducker

Benjamin Schloss

Conference Committee

Hi, my name is Benjamin. I completed my degree with Flinders University in Adelaide in 2018 and am awaiting job offers from the services. Born and bred in Victoria but have been enjoying living in Adelaide for the last five years. I'm excited to be joining the SPA conference committee team and to be a part of such a great event! In my off hours I enjoy playing sports and catching up with friends for a chat, board games or whatever the flavour of the night is.


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