SPA is a special interest group of Paramedics Australasia

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Paramedic student membership provided by Paramedics Australasia (PA) is offered in partnership with the local student society at your university or as a standalone membership. Becoming a member of your local paramedic society gives you automatic membership to PA and their special interest group Student Paramedics Australasia (SPA). For information on how to become a member, there are two easy options outlined below.

Through your society:

Each university society organises membership drives at the start of semester one every year. Generally these membership drives occur around the university orientation week events, and are publicised extensively amongst the student body. Depending on your society, there may be more than one membership drive. Alternatively, you can join at any time through the year by following the links on this website.

Paramedic student membership is truly unique. Paramedics Australasia (PA), Student Paramedics Australasia (SPA) and your local student society work together to boast a great set of member benefits for a fraction of the normal member price.


PA is committed to providing a national voice for students. Paramedics Australasia believes that early support in your education leads to prosperous future as a practicing paramedic.

The unique partnership between PA and the local student organisations ensures that we continue to offer student-focused services, as well as supporting our local student organisations.

Some of the benefits you get by becoming a member are:

  • Subscription to Response, PA's quarterly journal;

  • Access to the Australasian Journal of Paramedicine (AJP), PA's online peer-reviewed journal;

  • Member rates a range of local and national PA activities;

  • Member rates to the national PA & SPA Conferences;

  • Member access to a number of social networking events run by local student societies;

  • Member access to a number of professional development events organised by your local student society;

  • Member's only discounts through a number of corporate partnerships;

  • Independent recognition of professional qualifications;

  • Membership to a national community of paramedic professionals;

  • Membership to a national body committed to the advancement of the paramedic profession