• Lauren Turnbull

#SPAIC2016 Speakers Released

Here's the first look at the #SPAIC2016 speaker list! Bios and topics to follow over the coming days.

Alan Eade - Intensive Care Paramedic, Ambulance Victoria

Amy Craike - Advanced Care Paramedic QAS, Paramedic Team Australia EMS

Dr Andrew Weatherall - Anaesthetist, Westmead Children's Hospital / Prehospital Doctor, Careflight

Belinda Flanagan - Midwife/Paramedic/Program Coordinator, University of the Sunshine Coast

Gary Berkowitz - HARU Critical Care Paramedic, QAS, Intensive Care Paramedic Team Australia EMS

Dr Geoff Healy - Staff Specialist Retrieval Medicine GSA HEMS/ Consultant Anaesthetist, RNSH

Haydn Drake - Intensive Care Paramedic, St John Ambulance

Matthew Pepper - Intensive Care Paramedic/Special Operations Team, NSW Ambulance

Matthew Sheppherd - MICA Flight Paramedic, Ambulance Victoria

Marc Colbeck - Course Coordinator BHsc. Paramedicine, ACU Brisbane

Dr Marianne Jauncey - Medically Supervised Injecting Centre

Neil Noble - Critical Care Flight Paramedic, Senior Operations Supervisor QAS, Intensive Care Paramedic Team Australia EMS



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