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SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT - Gold Coast Trauma 2018

#GCTRAUMA18 is so close; so we thought it would be best to let you know who you will be hearing and learning from! In no particular order...

SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT #1 - Gold Coast Trauma 2018 - Dr Don Campbell (GHUH)

Dr Don Campbell has been a Senior Staff Specialist in the Emergency Department at Gold Coast University Hospital since 1998. He has extensive pre-hospital experience previously working with Careflight and as Clinical Co-ordinator for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. He has a long-term commitment to quality improvement in Trauma, and has been the Chair of the Trauma Review Committee at GCUH since 1999. Theclinical lead in the establishment of the Trauma Service at GCUH, Don still works with that service half time as the Deputy Director of Trauma. Current research interests include point of care testing in major haemorrhage and the role of early fibrinogen replacement in trauma.

SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT #2 - Gold Coast Trauma 2018 - Paul Omanski (QFES)

Paul Omanski is the State Road Crash Rescue Co-Ordinator Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, having achieved his Diploma Fire & Rescue Operations from the Graduate Institution of Fire Engineers. In 1993, although from Brisbane, Paul started his career with QFES in Mt Isa, where he gained an insight into Remote Area, Mining and Industrial Fire and Rescue. Paul has been fortunate enough to have participated on a firefighter exchange with Tasmania Fire Service and has had the opportunity to do ride along shifts with San Diego Fire Department. Currently he is training with his team, Wishart Fire & Rescue where they will be competing in the Australasian Rescue Challenge latter this year.

SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT #3 - Gold Coast Trauma 2018 - Wing Commander Alexandra Douglas (RAAF/GHUH)

Alexandra (Alex) Douglas MG is a specialist anesthetist, intensivist and retrievalist in the Australian Defence Force. In her military career spanning 27yrs she has deployed to humanitarian crises and combat zones in Africa, East Timor and the Middle East. She is passionate about trauma care, healthcare safety and medical education. Alex currently also works at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT #4 - Gold Coast Trauma 2018 - Terry Savage ICP (ANSW)

Terry Savage. 38 years as an ICP working in Sydney and Rural NSW, currently stationed at Murwillumbah on the beautiful far north coast of NSW. Terry has had secondments as an ICP in Queensland, ACT and Yulara NT, and is helicopter and rescue trained. Terry has been working in Peer Support with the Ambulance Service for 28 years.

SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT #5 - Gold Coast Trauma 2018 - Lesa Myers (ACU)

Lesa Myers is in her final semester of studying Paramedicine at Australian Catholic University. She has been exploring health inequities and discrimination surrounding the LGBTIQ community in the pre-hospital setting and is working on a paper with Marc Colbeck on the topic, centering particularly on issues pertaining to the transgender population in the pre-hospital environment.

SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT #6 - Gold Coast Trauma 2018 - Natasha Adams CCP (QAS)

Tash Adams is a Critical Care Paramedic from Metro South LASN, currently working in the Office of the Medical Director as the Clinical Standards and Quality Officer. Tash joined the QAS as a casual student paramedic in 2007 while completing a Bachelor of Health Science (paramedic) at QUT and completed her CCP training internally in 2013. Tash has worked in Clinical Education at Griffith University, currently assists with Critical Care Paramedic Intern training, has worked as a Clinical Support Officer in the Gold Coast LASN and a Regional Ambulance Educator in the old Q6. She is also a mother of three.

SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT #7 - Gold Coast Trauma 2018 - Sgt Patrick O'Reilly (QPS)

Sgt Pat O’Reily commenced training at the Queensland Police academy in February 1990 and was sworn in as a Police Officer in November 1990. During his service he has worked in various fields such as general duties, prosecutions and forensic services. With a career in the field of forensics spanning over 20years, Sgt O’Reilly has worked within the Logan and Gold Coast Districts and within the Quality Management Section of forensic services.

Pat is currently the relieving Officer in Charge of the Gold Coast Scenes of Crime Unit. This encompasses 28 staff across two sections and covers an area from the Queensland border to Yatala and west to Mt. Tamborine.

SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT #8 and #9 - Gold Coast Trauma 2018 - Senior Sergeant Damien Hayden & Snr Constable Dustin Osborne (QPS)

In 2016, the Queensland Police Service created the Active Armed Offender (AAO) Project into the Service training curriculum. The protect team, headed by Officer in Charge of the Operational Skills Section, Senior Sergeant Damien Hayden, developed curriculum which empowered Officers by enhancing their knowledge and skills for responding to Armed Offenders via interactive training programs. As part of the AAO Project, Acting Sergeant Dustin Osborne was responsible for designing and developing a element of training instructing Responders on providing medical interventions for injured Police Officers in hostile environments. This element of training became the pilot for the Tactical First Aid Training (TFAT) Project. The TFAT Project in now an implemented element in the annual training package which all sworn Police Officer must complete. TFAT trains, prepares and equips Officers to assess and treat trauma, providing the interventions necessary in ceasing preventable deaths from occurring.

SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT #10 - Gold Coast Trauma 2018 - Phil Davies CCP (QAS)

Phil Davies is a Critical Care Paramedic currently working frontline in Metro North LASN. He started his ambulance career in Norfolk, England and emigrated to Australia back in 2008 when QAS were recruiting UK paramedics. Since then, he has qualified as a CCP in 2010 and was involved in the overhaul of the QAS Clinical Practice Manual in 2011. Having a doctorate from a former life in marine research, ‘Dr Phil’ is an advocate for continuing education and uses writeup-room story telling to promote reflective practice.

Meet all of the speakers at this years #GCTRAUMA18! June 29 – June 30, Griffith University, Southport Campus.

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