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Aidan Baron is a paramedic researcher based in Sydney Australia, with interests in ultrasound, evidenced-based-practice, biomed ethics, e-learning, and LGBTQIA access to healthcare. He has completed BParaPrac (UTAS) is currently researching ultrasound-guided IV cannulation by paramedics at Central Queensland University.

Aidan is an invited speaker at multiple Australian universities, paramedicine, and healthcare conferences; and captures audiences with a passionate approach to cutting-edge clinical care. He brings a wealth of experience including volunteering in rural Nepal, with the Israeli Ambulance Service, as a rugby team medic in Sydney, an analyst in crisis and resilience programs, and healthcare social media consultancy.

Aidan has been assistant faculty on both the globally-recognised Sydney HEMS Retrieval Induction course, and the STORM retrieval ultrasound course since 2014; sessional tutor in Lung, Cardiac, and eFAST Ultrasound at the Australasian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine 2015 scientific conference; social media moderator at the Chicago SMACC 2015; and currently sits on both the national e-learning, and clinical guidelines development committees for Paramedics Australasia. He involved with the Paramedic Ultrasound Research Group, ‘Don’t Forget The Bubbles 2017’, and founded the Paramedic-Mythbusters online research discussion forum.

Aidan will be presenting at #SPAIC2017 and providing a workshop focussed on ultrasound in paramedicine. Don't miss out - get your tickets here!


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