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Liam Langford works as an Intensive Care Paramedic for the Australian Capital Territory Ambulance Service and lectures at the Australian Catholic University in Paramedicine. Through the lens of a Masters of Public Health, Liam has found a new appreciation for the paramedic’s role in providing emergency healthcare to the community and running red-lights. He enjoys decaf coffee as he is prone to caffeine-induced-existential-angst.

Liam's presentation will look at the challenges posed by team dynamics and interactions, shedding light on mitigating risks while getting the best out of a team during a resuscitation.

In Liam’s own words, here is why he is passionate about this topic:

"I am passionate about decision making because as human beings we are stupid. We can’t help it. It is just the way we are wired. Now put a bunch of stupid humans in the same room while having them make joint decisions under pressure. It’s complex and full of variables. Yet (because we are stupid), we hold this contradictory ideal that we should be completely rational and make judgements, through hindsight, based on this ideal. This is where people get hurt. If we are able to understand how people and groups make decisions, then we could design systems, education and guidelines to mitigate the pitfalls of being beholden to our stupid ways".

Liam will be presenting at #SPAIC2017 on team dynamics and interactions. Don't miss out - get your tickets here!


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